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a somewhat different start to your career that changes the world

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Are you about to graduate and would like to add some purpose to your life? Or are you perhaps planning to do a Masters but would like to take a break first and experience something else? Then we may have an idea for you that not only hones you for a leadership role later on, but helps others succeed in life and thus advances society as a whole. This can work for anyone from any field of study.

In our network on talentbay we aim to bring together the most talented, creative and brightest minds to face the big challenges of our time. This applies not only to business, science and research but also to problems in society. The ability to provide equal opportunities and leverage the potential of all members of society is a competitive advantage for any leading economy. That is why we are very proud that the non-profit organisation Teach First is using talentbay to find graduates willing to support children and young people in getting the best possible education.

Our COO, Sylvia Edmands spoke about this with Dr. Oromiya Deffa from Teach First:


Oromiya, to start perhaps you can give a quick intro of Teach First. What do you stand for??

Teach First is an international NGO for educational justice. At Teach First Germany, we work specifically to ensure that disadvantaged children and young people in Germany, who do not have the best starting conditions in life, can succeed in future. For this, they need good exam qualifications in school, apprenticeship perspectives, maybe even a degree - but above all they need a healthy self-confidence. Our mission is to prepare these young people to become responsible members of our society. Thus, we stand for the conviction that every child, every young person has potential that we want to foster.


True. Not all parents have the time or the experience to support their children if they have learning difficulties or to prepare them for a transfer to the next educational step. What can our students on talentbay do to help?

Graduates can start in a fellowship with us. In this job, they act as mentor, teacher and career coach. By helping disadvantaged pupils catch up with their school work and implement their own challenging projects at school, pupils can learn new skills and discover their self-worth. This also strengthens their self-esteem - an important aspect to be able to master future challenges in (professional) life.

For the fellows, this is also the perfect opportunity to start their career with purpose and learn important skills for a later leadership role without the requirement of teaching qualifications in the education sector. In return, they are employed full-time for two years, receive a monthly salary and participate in a leadership programme with individual coaching worth €35,000.


The leadership programme sounds super interesting. How does this work and what do you take away for the future?

The leadership programme starts with preparation and qualification for the job as a Fellow - together with other Fellows in our Summer Academy. In addition, all Fellows are assigned a mentor who discusses the projects and assignments with them, provides support throughout the assignment and, if necessary, conducts individual coaching sessions with them. The leadership programme also includes the teaching of leadership skills in certified workshops and seminars that optimally prepare our Fellows for their future careers - regardless of whether they want to continue working in the education sector after their assignment. In the process, they receive professional orientation and learn to network across sectors. The offer is so extensive that there will be something exciting for every Fellow: from project management to anti-racism training to change management.


And what would you say is a typical day for a Fellow? 

It's hard to describe a typical day, because every school, every class, every project and above all every Fellow is different. That's what makes the job so exciting and challenging. What the Fellows have in common is that they start the day in their assigned school in the morning together with their colleagues from the teaching staff - presumably with a cup of hot coffee. They go to their class room with a teacher (sometimes two Fellows per class) and assist in class where they are needed. In due course, they connect with some of the students and work more closely with them to support them. They then lead work groups or other creative projects with those students who are interested in them. These can be of a sporting nature, job application training or even a project in which they learn to apply for funds for a class trip and plan the trip within the limits of their financial possibilities. In this way, the pupils learn to take responsibility, calculate and manage tasks independently.


After all this information, perhaps some of our students have become interested in joining up. How should they proceed and how do you select the Fellows?

Very simple. Our five regional teams are present on talentbay. Just check out the team closest to you and ping us. Via the chat function, we can already clarify the first questions you may have.

After that, you will need to register on our website and upload your CV and graduation certificates. Of course, we are also interested in your motivation and any voluntary or community service experience you have already gained. For an engagement here in Germany, you will need to be fluent in German. We will then invite you to a selection interview and, if both parties agree, we will contact you to find a suitable school near you. In case of questions, you will always have a contact person from us at your side.


Thank you so much for chatting with me, Oromiya! Finally, I’m of course curious to learn what you at Teach First like about talentbay?

We especially like the fact that talentbay is so intuitive and informal that it is simply fun to exchange ideas with students via this platform. Moreover, you have really exciting, open-minded young people here who are open and curious to find out what other career options there are besides conventional jobs. Since we only offer jobs with a sense of purpose, we are even more pleased that we can show each and every interested individual on talentbay what is possible with us.



Dr. Oromiya Deffa (right) and the Teach First Team